Women's Health

Women's Health

Over the years, women health care facilities have evolved dramatically making everyone more vocal about women health issues. Some health issues have been neglected because of shyness and hesitation but with the changing times, we must change too. Clinic Skin Care has a dedicated panel of doctors which specializes in treating women health problems such as stress urinary continence , protruding flesh from the vagina (which happens after normal deliveries), etc. Our purpose is to make women more aware of their bodies and that their vaginal problems can be treated with the right treatment and guidance.  


The CO2 for skin rejuvenation has proved to be a benchmark for maintaining women’s health too. This laser technique is also used for tightening the vagina and the ligaments that surround the bladder and the urethra. CO2 laser is an excellent technique that helps in maintaining and bringing back the youthful vagina. Not just this, this treatment has also helped in improving the stress urinary continence.


1) Laser rays are transferred to the full circumference of the vagina with utmost safety. This is done to induce collagen production. A unique vaginal probe is used to do this.

2) The same laser energy is used which is used in CO2 fractional skin tightening for the face and other sensitive areas, however, a different handpiece is used for this purpose.


1) Speciality of this treatment is that it does not involve surgery. There is no downtime, no anesthesia, no consumable medications, and no pain.

2) Unlike surgeries, this is a very comfortable and non-invasive treatment.

3) Safer as compared to surgeries.

4) It helps in boosting the sexual pleasure between the partners.

5) It improves stress urinary continence.

6) The procedure needs 3 sessions at a gap of 4 weeks each.

7) One miraculous benefit of this treatment includes the tightening of the labia which is the outer side of the vagina. Giving natural births and growing age can hamper the appearance of the labia. To cure this, the fractional CO2 laser is used to improve its shape and appearance. The procedure works wonders just like it does for the other body parts.

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