This question is more common than you think it is. Tattoos have been around for centuries as a means of self-identification. Body art is often used to cover up deformities, enhance features and present a side of oneself to the world.

So, is it safe to get a tattoo over a vitiligo disease? What if you are under medication for vitiligo treatment? Is the tattoo ink safe? Or will the process of tattooing irritate your skin further and worsen the vitiligo disease?

The answer to these questions depends on a variety of factors like the stability of your vitiligo symptoms, your purpose and place of getting a tattoo. First, let’s understand what vitiligo disease is and then explore the options open to you.

What is Vitiligo?


Our body has cells called melanocytes which produce the pigment that gives our skin colour. Sometimes, our immune system mistakenly attacks our own cells. If the melanocytes on a certain part of your body get attacked, they stop producing pigment and a white patch appears, which is called as vitiligo.

Vitiligo patches may occur anywhere on the body, but they mostly affect the face, arms, legs and rectal areas.




No One Will Know You Ever Had Vitiligo


MicroArt Semi Permanent Makeup is an extremely effective vitiligo treatment. Results are instantaneous and last up to 3 years without washing off. Microart camouflages the white patches of skin so they blend right in with your regular skin tone.

The procedure can be performed to the face, hands, or almost anywhere on the body. Up close, it looks like a professionally applied make-up concealer but it does not smudge or washes off. MicroArt Camouflage is the next best thing to a cure for vitiligo.

1 – No-Side Effects

2 – Restore Your Confidence

3 – Makeup that last years on the skin without washing off

4 – Extremely Natural Looking Results

5 – Save Time Applying Makeup
6 – 100% Water Proof


Micro Art has eliminated all such side effects through:

  • Equipment: Specialized equipment developed by MicroArt for unrivaled precision.
  • Clinics: MicroArt procedures are performed in a certified, professional medical office passing regular, stringent County Health Department inspections.
  • Products: Special, natural pigments developed that will not change color and are hypoallergenic (safe for your skin).
  • Technique: A technique developed over the years to ensure the ideal, custom shape and color is provided to each client
  • Technicians: All technicians are personally trained for months, and certified, by Master Micro Artist Tanya York. MicroArt Technicians are not licensed to perform services on Ms. York’s clients until their work is indistinguishable from hers.


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