Scalp Hair Correction

Scalp Micropigmentation has become popular to camouflage alopecia, hide scars and birthmarks, and boost the visual impact of hair transplant treatments. Micropigmentation on scalp area, rightly called medical tattoo, is most popular of all. It is an ultimate scalp grooming solution. Unlike hair transplantation methods, scalp micro pigmentation treatment is a non-invasive way for scalp treatment . As the name suggests, scalp micro pigmentation treatment involves application of natural pigments at upper dermis to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles.

Scalp micropigmentation requires expertise in determining the pattern of hair growth and hair scalp types. Natural hair follicles don’t grow in same direction. Therefore, a hair scalp test is done first. The specialist first recognises the natural direction as well as idiosyncrasies of hair pattern. Not only this, it involves use of multiple shades of pigmentation as all hair follicles are not of the same shade. Thus, micropigmentation blends artistic instincts of the specialist and modern technology to get realistic finish of hairline.

Scalp micropigmentation is suitable for all types of alopecia irrespective of their colour, age and sex of the patient. Stigmas associated with premature ageing due to hair thinning or complete hair loss affects the confidence of both men and women. The camouflage of well-groomed hair by scalp micro-pigmentation helps to boost the mood and self-confidence of the person suffering from baldness and who is scared of under-going surgical treatments to restore hair.

Scalp micropigmentation usually requires 3 sittings of approximately 4 hours each with a gap of at least a week between each sitting. The initial session involves creation of hairline and first fill, followed by further filling, texture smoothing and finishing in later sessions. Once the procedure of micropigmentation is complete, aftercare is equally important as advised to get the best and long-lasting results.

Scalp Micro pigmentation is an alternative treatment to treat hair loss when medications to stimulate hair growth don’t give the desired results.

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