Laser Hair Reduction

Non Surgical Hair Replacement –

  • Exceptional Comfort – Our bases offer exceptional comfort to the wearer. They are skin-friendly & porous in nature allowing the scalp to breathe easy.
  • Wide choice of bases – RichFeel offers a wide range of bases to choose from. Our Hair doctor will assess the hair & scalp condition, understand your lifestyle and needs, and prescribe the right hair system. This is further customised by our expert Hair stylists, to fit you perfectly.


  • Non-surgical hair replacement procedure with no scars,no pain or side effects
  • 100% natural results
  • Get any desired look in 2 hours
  • Custom-made fine membrane made in Europe
  • Made of 100% virgin, unprocessed human hair


  • Looks and feels absolutely natural
  • Customized skin for every individual depending upon their requirements and matching color, texture and density of the existing hair
  • Easily maintainable and washable. Swim, comb, style, shampoo just like natural hair
  • Fits perfectly, ensuring an absolute stability under any circumstances
  • Perfect for men or women of any age suffering from hair loss
  • Fixed by highly-trained professional and qualified team of hair experts
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