Hairfall Treatment

Hair fall- Causes and Treatment

Why hairfall occurs?

Hair fall, hair loss and balding has become a commonly prevalent problem in India’s

Due to multiple factors like stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance and dietary deficiencies, men and women start facing hair fall related problems at a very young age.

Hair loss of 50-100 strands in a day in most cases can be considered normal, but delay of growth of new hair can result in thinning or baldness of scalp hair. Research shows that almost 30% of people experience hair loss problem by the time they reach 30 years of age and 50% people show hair loss by the age of 50 years.

Many hair fall control tips are already available in the market like hair fall treatment oil, hair fall control shampoo, and many other hair fall treatment home remedies. However, if you do not see any significant results in the reduction of hairfall even after such remedies then the underlying causes of hairfall must be diagnosed first by a hair specialist.After the diagnosis, the doctor may recommend you a better and effective hairfall control treatment.

PRP for hair fall solution. It is a hair regeneration therapy that is safe to use along with other treatment options.

Procedure of PRP for hair loss treatment

PRP hair treatment as the name suggests involves extraction of platelet rich plasma and injection into the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp. This plasma is enriched with growth factors which in turn stimulate and active new hair follicles. PRP hair treatment is administered in the following simple steps –

  • Blood from arm of the patient is extracted
  • This blood is then centrifuged to separate out platelet rich plasma
  • This platelet rich plasma is then enriched with growth factors
  • About 1ml of this activated plasma is injected into the scalp of the patient by a trained dermatologist
  • Platelet rich plasma repairs hair follicles and effectively treat hair fall, hair loss and balding

This treatment takes only few minutes and is a non-invasive procedure administered without anaesthesia. Multiple injections have to be administered in the localized area over a duration of 6-8 weeks for hair follicles to get activated and hair growth to begin.

While the PRP treatment is said to contain Stem Cells, which impact hair growth, this is a highly non-selective & primitive therapy. Stem Cells give rise to all cells of the body, hair being only one of them.

selective hair growth factor therapy, which is much more advanced & effective as compared to the PRP injection therapy for hair growth.



A relatively new area of mesotherapy is the treatment of hair loss where microinjections into the scalp improve hair production from the follicle. By stimulating blood flow and providing essential nutrients, the hair follicle is encouraged to produce stronger, denser hair growth.”

Multiple sessions are required to get to the hair growth stage, however, and it’s normally an ongoing treatment- you’ll generally require follow-up maintenance appointments, That said, the fact that it’s non-invasive and requires no down time is a plus.

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