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The outcome of eyebrow transplantation depends on how well is the direction and angle of hair maintained to give a more natural look. We understand the anatomy of eyebrows and are able to maintain the natural hair directions with utmost care. The shape of the eyebrow in Asian men and women are not much different, but men appear to have wider eyebrows than women. Women’s eyebrows are located little higher over the orbital rim and arch into a C shape, while men’s eyebrows are at slightly lower position, are straighter and have a T shape.

Eyebrows loss has led many to use eyebrow pencil or makeup for definition but in a country like India with hot and humid climate and heavy monsoon , there’s fear of running down of colour on the face making it embarrassing for the wearer and making a mess of everything like clothes , handkerchief and rest of the face makeup while trying to clean it.

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