Ear Lob Repair

 Earlobe Repair in Faridabad offers by Clinic Skin Clinics. Get Perfectly Shaped Ears with Lobuloplasty Surgery in Faridabad, We Providing Effective Ear Treatment.

Damage to the ear lobe, including through piercings and earrings ,which is easy to correct by simple safe minimally invasive reconstructive surgical way . we can restore the appearance of ear lobes .
Ear Lobe

Ear lobe repair surgery is a simple outpatient procedure to repair damage to the ear lobes. This procedure is best used to correct ear lobes that have stretched due to heavy jewelry or torn. The procedure involves reshaping and cleaning of the damaged area. It is day procedure 30 minutes to 60 minutes , at the same day both the ears can be done . After the 3-4 weeks  procedure ear lobes can be re-pierced .

Suture less

There is one more way of repairing the ear lobe is non invasive , in which surgical glue is applied to the  damaged ear lobes. It is completely pain less but temporary the results are.

Ear Lobe Repairing

An earlobe repair is a mainly cosmetic surgical treatment aimed at restoring the size and shape of the patient’s ears to restore a normal appearance to them. This surgery is also useful in helping correct damage to the ears incurred through an injury or a birth defect.

Although, this is purely a cosmetic surgical procedure, earlobe repair surgery helps to enhance your self-confidence through improving your looks.

The marks that are made are hardly obvious and you can resume your daily activities soon after the operation. Once the operation is done, you can also get new piercing within some months post-surgery.

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