Black lips reason : Black lips are common and can occur due to various medical and lifestyle modifications. Pigmentation of the lips can give rise to the dark appearance of the lips, just like the pigmentation of the skin on other parts of the face or body

Black Lips Causes

  1. Sun exposure: Like our skin on the face can tan under the sun, the skin over the lips also tans. Excessive sun exposure causes increased melanin production on the lips and makes the lips appear brown or dark in colour. We must use regular lip balms containing SPF.
  2. Smoking and chewing tobacco: Smoking causes the deposition of tar and nicotine on the lips and leads to pigmentation on the lips.
  3. Drinking excessive coffee: Excess coffee intake also causes darkening of lips as it is high in caffeine.
  4. Excessive dehydrated or dryness of lips: Repeated trauma to lips due to biting, cracking due to dryness leads to inflammation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  5. Repetitive licking or biting of lips can give rise to dark lip colour due to the formation of dry skin on the lips
  6. Cosmeceuticals: Use of expired products on lips, using matt finish lipsticks, or application of dark-lip lipsticks routinely can cause darkening of the lips as they contain lead.
  7. Genetic with family history: Anyone with a history of dark lips is likely to or may face the same at some stage in life.
  8. Allergy to toothpaste or any lip cosmetics: Allergic products cause contact dermatitis and increased sensitivity to those products, which lead to pigmentation due to repeated inflammation.
Medical Treatment for black lips :
  1. Topical creams: Dark lips treatment products like topical lip creams containing depigmenting creams are used in lip care treatment as a skin lightening agent which decreases the production of melanin responsible for the darkening of the lips and also melasma on face.
  2.  Chemical Peels: Use of lip scrubs or Chemical peels for exfoliating pigmented and dead skin cells gives rise to hydrated, fresh pink lips
  3. Laser Treatment for dark lips: Q-Switch Nd: Yag laser is the most commonly recommended treatment for lip pigmentation
    in both men and women.
  4.  Dermal Fillers: Thin, dry and dehydrated lips due to loss fat may also give the appearance of dark lips. Dermal fillers provide volume and hydration to the lips resulting in fresh pink youthful lips.
  5. Permanent Makeup: Permanent makeup is used to add colour to the lip through use of specialised ink which is injected in the the lip. These are called permanent however few follow up sessions may be required for long lasting results.

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