Cheek Dimple Creation

Cheek Dimple Creation

Cheek Dimples Without Surgery: Here's What You Need to Know?

Have you ever found yourself admiring someone’s cheek dimples and wished you had them too? Cheek dimples, also known as dimples of Venus, are considered to be an attractive facial feature that many people desire. While some people are born with them, others may consider undergoing surgery to achieve them. However, there are natural ways to get cheek dimples without going under the knife. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about cheek dimples without surgery, including their origin, genetic factors, exercises, and more.

What are Cheek Dimples?

Cheek dimples are small indentations or clefts on the cheeks that appear when a person smiles or makes a facial expression. They are caused by a difference in the structure of the cheek muscle known as the zygomaticus major. This muscle is responsible for lifting the corners of the mouth when a person smiles. When the muscle is shorter than normal, it pulls on the skin and creates a dimple.

Dimpleplasty, a cosmetic surgical procedure, is specifically designed to create dimples on the cheeks. Dimples, the slight depressions that appear on some individuals’ cheeks when they smile, are frequently located on the lower portion of the cheeks. Chin dimples are also present in some individuals.

Why dimple occurs ?
The presence of dimples is not universal and can vary between individuals. In some cases, natural dimples are formed due to skin indentations caused by underlying facial muscles. Conversely, dimples may also be the result of injury.

Dimple creation surgery can be conducted on a single cheek or both cheeks, depending on the patient’s preferences. Both men and women can opt for this procedure and collaborate with their surgeon to determine the most ideal location for the dimples on their face.

The procedure for creating dimples is performed as a daycare surgery at our clinic. Using local anesthesia, a small depression is created in the cheek muscle from inside the mouth, leaving no external scarring.

(The illustration on the left shows dimple creation before and after the surgery.)

Can dimples be created ?

Yes, with the latest surgical processes, it is very easy to create a dimple on your face. Dimpleplasty is a surgical procedure that can actually create dimples on your cheeks as naturally as it could have been without a surgical intervention.

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Why Choose Us?

1) The doctors at Clinic Skin Care ensure that the dimple creation procedure is made extremely safe which enables the patient to suffer the least pain with the best results.

2) Long-lasting dimpled cheeks are created with the highest client satisfaction. The results remain visible even after years of surgery.

3) We make sure that the people with thinner as well as thicker fat tissues in the cheek achieve similar results.

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