Burns and Injury Scars

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What are Scars?

Scars are the irregularities in the skin surface occurring after the healing of any inflammatory lesions. They can also occur post trauma, burns or surgery. You can have depressed atrophic scars or raised hypertrophic and keloidal scars. They can be of varying shape and size.

Why Do They Occur?

Scars usually occur when there is inflammatory reaction in the skin extending to the deeper layer of dermis. The most common conditions causing such severe inflammation include acne, chicken pox, injuries, and burns. The natural process of skin healing is by producing new collagen. These repairs usually aren’t as smooth and flawless as the original skin, causing scarring.

How Does It Work?

Laser scar removal procedures are done using highly specialised laser machines which emit a concentrated beam of light. This beam of light has specific features with respect to its absorption by specific target molecule and depth of penetration in the skin. The laser light is selectively absorbed by the water molecules present in the skin at different levels. This removes the scarred and damaged skin layer by layer with extreme precision.

The laser light beam used in laser resurfacing removes the superficial layer of skin, the epidermis. Simultaneously, the deeper layer, i.e., the dermis is also heated. This heating of the dermis stimulates the growth of new collagen fibres. After the healing process is completed, the new skin that is formed is smoother and firmer.

What kind of scars be improved by this technique?

A large variety of scarring conditions can be improved and corrected with this treatment. Some of them include –

  1. Scars from acne
  2. Scars from chicken pox
  3. Injury scars
  4. Burn marks
  5. Surgical scars
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