Tatoo Removal – 


Tattoo removal is considered to be the best method to remove unwanted tattoos because it’s the safest and most effective technique available today. Professionals use a specialized laser to target the colored ink in your skin, and the heat from the laser breaks the pigment particles apart into smaller pieces. Your body then removes those ink particles over time using natural processes. With laser tattoo removal, you’ll have few if any side effects like blistering, swelling, itching or discomfort. Laser tattoo removal requires fewer and faster treatments and has the greatest success in removing most tattoo colors.




Depending on the tattoo, clients usually find their art does not fade evenly. Tattoo ink depth and density determine what areas fade first. Shading and light areas of saturation fade first; dark or heavily saturated areas have less noticeable fading. This factor greatly affects tattoo removal results as well as before-and-after tattoo removal photos.





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