Non Surgical Hair Replacements

Hair loss is  becoming very common in today’s generation  so for the society it is one of the biggest problem nowadays. Although many factors are responsible for this like.. changing environment, eating habits, and genetic factors etc.

Hair Fixing  can be the best solution to treat or cure your hair loss, hair thinning and baldness problems with non surgical hair replacement.

Hair Replacement is the best non-surgical way to get full head of hair. At CLINIC SKIN CARE we do our best  to give you best quality hair replacement options under one roof Lead by  team of experts. We are committed to provide best hair replacement and Hair Extensions at affordable prices. We have customized options available to select from normal hair systems to superior hair systems.

Hair systems are the new customized hair patches for the people who have lost Hair and expecting complete full head of hair, and at the same time don’t want to go any surgical procedure.   We try to choose the best hair system which matches the hair density, color and thickness of an individual. This is immediately customized for the scalp size and fitted with intensive care.

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