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Ear Lob Repaire-


An earlobe repair is a mainly cosmetic surgical treatment aimed at restoring the size and shape of the patient’s ears to restore a normal appearance to them. This surgery is also useful in helping correct damage to the ears incurred through an injury or a birth defect.

Although, this is purely a cosmetic surgical procedure, earlobe repair surgery helps to enhance your self-confidence through improving your looks.





If you have big earlobe, there is no point in crying over it. Now, you can get it repaired at Tvak Laser Clinic with lobuloplasty. We offer affordable earlobe repair cost in Delhi. Wearing heavy earrings might stretch the earlobe hole. With the assistance of improved lobuloplasty earlobe repair in Delhi procedure, this problem can be resolved easily. It is simple but very effective method. Local anesthesia is given for the procedure and it takes just half an hour. Our skilled doctor carries out the process by cutting the skin inside the earlobe torn portion & then fresh ends are stitched together.




The marks that are made are hardly obvious and you can resume your daily activities soon after the operation. Once the operation is done, you can also get new piercing within some months post-surgery.